YouTube records one trillion video plays in 2011

YouTube records one trillion video plays in 2011

“The Google owned video streaming that is YouTube has revealed its viewing figures for 2011 with more than one trillion videos played during the year

YouTube is celebrating the end of the year with a selection of impressive stats revealing that the video sharing service recorded an unparalleled one trillion video playbacks during the past 12 months.

Making the announcement via its official blog the Google owned online service has revealed that 2011 has seen record demand heaped upon the video packed website with the 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) video views equating to 140 playbacks per person in the world.

One hundred years into the future, when our great-grandkids look back to what was capturing the world’s imagination on YouTube in 2011, what will they make of us?” said Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s Trends Manager. “Will they still be delighted by babbling babies? Will they still be “so excited” about the weekend? And will they be any closer to understanding the mystery of the space-traveling toaster pastry cat?””

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