WordPress now powers 18.9% of the Web


WordPress now powers 18.9% of the Web, has over 46m downloads, according to founder Matt Mullenweg

“There are 46+ million downloads of WordPress and added 336 themes, 2.3 times more than last year. 9,334 plugins were requested, while 6,758 were approved, with a total of 26,000 to date in the library.

When asked what those surveyed use WordPress for, 69 percent specified they used it as a Content Management System (CMS), while 20 percent chose to implement it as a hybrid blog/CMS, 6 percent as a blog, and 7 percent for an app platform.

In perhaps a boon for WordPress, Mullenweg says that the blogging platform is now powering 18.9 percent of the Web, a 2.2 point increase from 2012.”

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