Windows 8 Tackles Password Fatigue With Pictures

Windows 8 Tackles Password Fatigue With Pictures

“Microsoft is talking a lot about passwords lately. Earlier this week the company posted on its Building Windows 8 blog a lengthy post detailing the problems with current passwords, and how Windows 8 will solve them.

Then Microsoft published another lengthy post Friday outlining why one of those solutions, Picture Password, is so great. It’s a fairly convincing argument, even if it’s laced with many assumptions.

The essence of Picture Password is to use one of your own personal photos as a key to the device. It’ll only work for a touchscreen device — a smartphone, tablet or touchscreen PC — since it involves tracking finger gestures on the screen.

Once you pick a photo to use, Picture Password records three gestures that you “draw” on the screen. Each gesture must be either a tap, a drawn line between two points, or a circle. Once you’ve entered them, the device will call up the photo at login, prompting you to duplicate them. If you get them all correct, in the right order AND in the right direction (for lines and circles), you have access.”

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