Windows 8: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 8: Everything You Need to Know

“As far as Microsoft is concerned, 2012 is the year everything changes. The software giant is on course to reinvent its core software, Windows, for the modern era. Windows 8 changes Windows entirely, yet leaves it untouched in some key ways. How it all works — and how its customers respond — will determine the company’s future.

Currently, that’s a lot of customers. According to recent statistics, close to 90% of today’s computers run some version of Windows. While that guarantees Microsoft a certain level of success no matter what happens, no one wants another Windows Vista, which was plagued with issues ever since it launched in 2006, and never achieved the adoption of its predecessor, Windows XP.

Windows 8 is a bold step forward for Microsoft, since the experience on mobile devices — specifically, tablets — was a key part of its inception. While there currently aren’t any Windows tablets with significant market share, Windows 8 will finally give them an operating system tailored to their touchscreens and low-power needs, potentially breaking that market wide open.

At least that’s Microsoft’s hope. But what exactly is Windows 8 and how is it going to change the experience for Windows users? We’ve been covering its progression over the past several months, and we even had some time to get up close and personal with the latest version of the software last month (see the video at the end of this article for our impressions).

Here’s what you need to know about Windows 8, including a few details you may not have noticed yet.”

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