UK digital TV switchover starts today

UK digital TV switchover starts on April 4th

“The death of analogue television is upon us. Stage one of the UK digital switchover begins this week on April 4th, in which the analogue BBC Two signal will be switched off forever.

If you’re still rocking any tellies without a Freeview box or built in digital tuner then you’ll be wanting to replace them with a shiny new set packing a built-in digital Freeview tuner.

Alternatively, you can just nab yourself a digital Freeview box and breathe new life into your antiquated picture box. Either way you’re going to have to re-tune your channels, though satellite services and Sky and Virgin Media customers will be unaffected.

The second stage of the switchover is scheduled for April 18th; it will see all of the remaining analogue channels killed off forever, while the remaining digital channels will become available in all areas.”

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