UK cookie law comes into force

UK cookie law comes into force

“Websites in the UK have to change the way they track users from now on, with sites having to receive ‘implied consent’ from visitors that they don’t mind the site keeping tabs on their online movements.

The law has been mooted for some time and originally required ‘explicit consent’ from site visitors before certain pop-ups and the like are revealed.

But there was a last minute change to the legislation, which means sites have to obtain just ‘implied consent’ – this is friendlier for businesses but knocks the UK out of whack from the rest of the EU when it comes to the transparency of cookies.

Although it is thought many UK-based sites will not be ready for the law, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is looking to report back on sites that are not obeying the directive and there’s the slight possibility of a £500,000 fine for those who flout the law.

Implications of a click

As with any new law put into place, confusion reigns over proceedings. According to Rob Rachwald, director of security strategy at Imperva, the law is a good way of teaching consumers about how websites track them but is too vague to have much effect.”

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