Top 30 Android Apps And Games Of 2011

Top 30 Android Apps And Games Of 2011

“1. Any.DO: To Do List | Task List
Funded by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Any.DO is the best productivity and to-do application tailored specifically for Android devices. The app’s elegant interface is optimized to limit actual typing through voice-driven commands. Users can swipe each task when complete, and shake their phones to clear them from the screen. The app also offers (mostly) seamless integration with Google accounts.

2. Lightbox – Photos & Effects
More than just an Instagram for Android, Lightbox offers features like photo journals and the ability to arrange pictures by personal timelines that make it unique and, to some, indispensable. The app’s stunning visual display and compatibility on multiple Android devices set the standard moving forward for photo-sharing apps on the platform.

3. Amazon MP3
Along with Google Music (see below), Amazon MP3 is the best way for an Android smartphone and tablet owner to kick an iTunes habit. The app provides access to a library of nearly 20 million songs, 5GB of free storage, and reliable offline listening. Subscriptions to Amazon’s Cloud Drive service start at a reasonable $20/year for 20GB of storage, but you can store as much of your own music as you like with that subscription.

4. AirDroid
Android devices offer so many customization features that sometimes using a larger screen, mouse and full-sized keyboard will help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet device. This free app lets users operate their smartphones from a PC with a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, AirDroid emphasizes privacy protection with password changes for each use.

5. SwiftKey X Keyboard
After launching a beta app last year, SwiftKey X arrived on Android smartphones and tablets in 2011. The app has larger keys as well as superior word and sentence prediction algorithms than what is typically found on Androids. SwiftKey also learns from previously typed emails and messages, and offers three color schemes to simplify the process and brighten things up.

6. Skitch

7. BlueStacks Cloud Connect

8. Qello

9. AccuWeather for Honeycomb

10. HD Widgets

Here are the five best Android apps developed by Google that were released or received significant updates in 2011.

11. Google Currents

12. Google+

13. Google Maps

14. Google Docs

15. Google Music

These next 10 apps were initially released for iOS devices. They are included here for their utility, entertainment value and impact on the Android ecosystem.

16. Price Check by Amazon

17. Netflix

18. SoundTracking

19. Hipmunk Flight Search

20. Fooducate Shopping Scanner

21. Marvel Comics (full AndroidApps review)

22. Syncplicity

23. Starbucks

24. LinkedIn

25. Path

26. Cut the Rope

27. World of Goo

28. Where’s My Water?

29. Plants vs. Zombies

30. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD ”

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