Thin Mini-ITX-Based All-in-One Desktops

Thin Mini-ITX-Based All-in-One Desktops

“All-in-ones are a fast growing segment within the desktop market, but to date there are no standards for this form factor. They are built with custom motherboards, custom thermal solutions, and in many cases, custom power supplies, which drove up the cost of building these systems. All that is about to change with the introduction of the thin mini-ITX form factor.

What is thin mini-ITX?
A thin mini-ITX board has the same PCB size as a regular mini-ITX board (170 x 170mm) but with approximately half the height of the standard IO shield. This enables a low-profile board that is suitable for AIO integration.

Key thin mini-ITX board features
The board features that make a thin mini-ITX board are:

Desktop CPU support up to 65 watt TDP
Internal display connectors (LVDS or eDP)
SODIMM memory support
External power supply (through back IO panel)
Mini PCIe* expansion

Why thin mini-ITX?
A small and thin board not only works well for AIOs but also for other form factors that can take advantage of a low-profile board like a thin media PC, a VESA mounted PC, or other vertical usages such as hospital carts, ATMs, and casino gaming machines. This kind of broad application for this board helps keep the cost low and availability high.”

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