The Worlds Most Advanced Street Sign


The Worlds Most Advanced Street Sign

“Points is a brand new kind of street sign from development house Breakfast NY, that, while resembling a familiar “all-points” sign, is actually a bit of a high-tech wonder, full of gears, Internet feeds, LEDs and more. The 9-foot-tall sign offers three arrows that can actually rotate around the pole a full 360 degrees. In the above video, that action is reminiscent of the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, with his arms pointing this way and that as he tries to explain to Dorothy how to get to the Yellow Brick Road.

Each black arrow is packed with 16,000 LEDs that can display virtually any message: street names, destinations, subway locations, events and more. They can even display news and tweets. Every sign comes with a small keypad where passers-by can select the information they want to see. The menu choices change throughout the day and can include options for “transit,” “meals,” “shopping” and “sights” — all of it displayed on ever-rotating arrows.

Inside the aptly named Points is more technology than you’ll likely ever find on a standard street sign; even the 360-degree rotation uses a custom, micro-transmission motor and special magnetometer and magnetic switching technology to, according to the Points web site, make the smooth operation possible in a space half as large as what would normally be required and to avoid “the issue of tangled wires” as the arrows spin around. ”

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