The Only Thing You Need To Read About All The New Apple Stuff

“The main difference is that it’s got a taller screen:

– It’s 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 x 640, so it’s exactly 176 pixels taller than every iPhone screen since 2007. The phone itself is the same width as the last two but it’s 18% thinner and 20% lighter. So it’s skinny like a model.
– Those 176 extra pixels get you, well, basically just some more space. Apps look the same, but they’re taller in the middle. More STUFF. The screen is exactly as sharp as before, though. Somewhat better color though, and more accurate touchscreening.
– It’s real, real close to having 16:9 aspect ratio (if you care about that kind of a thing). So, like, if you’re watching a movie with the phone turned sideways, it’ll fill the whole thing — in that situation, it’ll feel a lot bigger than the old iPhone. In most other situations it might just feel kinda long, though?
– Old apps that aren’t optimized will look like your DVDs on your ancient CRT TV — letterboxing galore.

But it’s also got much faster Internet”

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