The Google +1 Button

The Google +1 Button

“If there is one single thing that gives Google+ a realistic edge over Facebook, this is it: The Google+1 Button. Those gurus in the Search Engine Optimization game are losing their minds over this one right now.

Chances are you have already seen Google’s +1 button in action as you search through Google – It appears whenever you are signed in to your Google account (you have to be logged into a Google account for the button to work) and are searching using Google, sitting just to the right of search results for each URL that you have created). It’s function is very similar, in theory, to the Facebook [Like] button and is connected to your Google account. Google themselves write: “The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”” – If you like a link or think it would be useful to your social friends, give it a click!

The Google +1 button also appears on website pages very much like the Twitter and Facebook [Like] buttons that you have seen all over the Internet recently — check out the top of this article and you will find a brand new and shiny Google +1 button. – Clicking it and logging in to your Google account will mean:

1) you are telling your Google contacts about this page and

2) you are telling Google you think this page is (and please excuse the technical dialect) “pretty cool“.

As you click the +1 button, you are telling those connected to you through Google as well as Google themselves that you think a particular link is worth them visiting; once a user clicks the button, a link to the content appears under the +1’s tab on the user’s Google Profile… When another user searches, also while signed in, their search results may include the names of their connections who have “+1’d” any particular page. When none of the user’s connections have +1’d a particulat web-page, the Google result may display the total number of +1’s the web-page has received.

There are, quite literally, billions of +1 buttons out there already; the very second Google made the button available to website makers it started popping up on billions of web pages. With so many billions of videos watched on YouTube each day, for example, (not all on Youtube itself — some are embedded) and with the +1 button below every single video, that means there are billions of +1 buttons on Youtube alone. Google is busy emailing all the people in its databases: every time you log into Adsense, Analytics and Webmaster tools, you are met with a prompt to install the button. Given webmasters reliance on Google and the products and services it offers, not to mention the massive amounts of traffic that Google shoots off to websites around the globe, you can imagine that most webmasters will consider it a high priority to get the button on to their site.”

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