The Blu is a global mission to create the ocean on the web

The Blu is a global mission to create the ocean on the web

“What is The Blu?
The Blu is a global mission to create the ocean on the web as a globally shared media experience. It is a beautiful interactive online world where every species and habitat is a unique work of art created by digital artists and developers around the world. The Blu is a geosocial web application where people connect across the Internet and explore a vast ocean on the web.

When can I dive in?
The Blu is alive and well. We are currently in invite-only private beta. Request an invite at for early access.

What’s different?
The Blu is not a game. It’s not an animated movie. And it’s not a social media site. Yet it fuses elements from all three media types into a new form of entertainment. Inspired by artistic expression and the global collaborative potential of the web, The Blu is a first example of what we refer to as “globally shared media and storytelling”. The Blu is a state-of-mind where you are inspired, relax and connect with the world.

How much does it cost?
The Blu is free! You can choose to purchase works of art – beautiful species and habitats – created by artists around the world. The artists get paid for their work. And you can access premium content available by monthly subscription. A percentage of proceeds goes towards ocean preservation.

What’s the technology?
The Blu is a web application accessible on all the popular web browsers. It is based on Unity3D allowing you to enjoy a beautiful 3D world right in your browser, and soon on your favorite devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android. You can connect into the Blu with Facebook and Twitter, and soon Google+. It is built on our Maker Platform which allows artists and developers around the world to contribute providing a continuous and growing flow of new content to explore. The Blu is a massive networked application based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) technology and deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud, which means we can scale as more users join from geolocations around the world.

What are the system requirements?
The Blu is supported on the popular browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari. The Blu requires a one-time, one-click, less than a minute download of the industry standard Unity3d plugin. The Blu will soon be available on iOS.

What’s the point?
The Blu is art and entertainment on the web inspired by the Oceans. What’s the point of art and entertainment? That answer is up to you. Why on the web? We believe and we are challenging ourselves towards making the internet itself a medium, a new medium for artistic expression and storytelling. To a large extent this hasn’t been fully realized yet. The Internet is a distribution platform for existing media but the real promise of The Blu and what it represents is leveraging the web itself as a new form of storytelling and shared media experiences at a scale the world’s never seen before. Maker media is about tapping not hundreds, not thousands, hopefully tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of artists and developers from all around the world building something at a scale that would never been possible before the internet.”

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