Simply put, we are here to take the stress and hassle out of I.T


Modern computer systems are a complex mix of different technologies, and when things go wrong it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to track down the cause.

In order to have any chance of resolving complex issues quickly and permanently, you need a thorough understanding of all the major disciplines – hardware, operating systems, applications and network infrastructure – as well as sophisticated diagnostic tools and, of course, the right experience.

We have over twenty years experience in network support and troubleshooting, spanning all the major operating systems and applications, most hardware manufacturers, and every type of local and wide-area network imaginable.

Our professional services include

Scalable Solutions

All our services are scalable, meaning you decide whether we do everything or nothing.

We have one of the most reliable, cost effective and scalable support infrastructures. This means we can offer everything required for both small and large companies.

Unlike some support companies, you have a choice of cost models, a flexible ‘pay for what you need’ model or a flat fee model. If you choose the flexible model, you will notice your support costs fall as we make your systems more reliable.

To further help our clients we provide them with infrastructure to ensure their site is protected, their staff can work from home and we can, at users discretion, remotely solve most issues.

And finally, in 90% of problems, we respond within 10 minutes!

Advanced diagnostic tools

We also have advanced diagnostic tools and utilities to help us see what is really going on deep within a network.

We can deal with almost any IT related problem. Smoke starts appearing from your monitor, we can contact the supplier. Your phones go dead; we can contact BT. and, of course, deal with any problems with your PC, server and other network infrastructure.

Additional Resources

Perhaps your existing IT staff are overwhelmed, or you need more manpower for a particular project.

We can provide experienced, qualified staff to work with you in a cost-effective manner, both on a short-term and long-term basis. All of our consultants spend time working in network support, so they know what works in the real world and what doesn’t. Support experience also means they know how to deploy systems that are reliable and easy to manage in the long term.