…Setup a Facebook Shop for Free!

How to…Setup a Facebook Shop for Free!

  • Open a shop for FREE
  • Publish, Share and Sell On Facebook, on your blog and Blomming.
  • Online management – updates all site connections


How does it work?
After the sign-in, just upload the photos of the products you want to sell and set price, quantity and tags for them. Then copy your personalized “embed” code and paste it wherever you want, like you’re used to do with YouTube’s video (or similar). Or, send your products directly to Facebook, etc.
You’re up and running. Now you have an e-commerce system with cart, checkout, payments and tools for keeping track and manage orders and contacts. So simple.

How much does it cost?
The service offered by Blomming is free at this time.

What do I need?
To take advantage of this service you will need:

  • Paypal Business Account (to accept payments)
  • Facebook Page
  • Products to sell!


Check out the video:


To get your own ‘Facebook Shop’ simply visit: www.blomming.com


Or if you would like assistance creating & setting up the service call us on: 01992 712746 or simply complete the form below:


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