RIM Restores BlackBerry Service After Largest Outage

RIM Restores BlackBerry Service After Largest Outage

“Rest easy BlackBerry users, your service is back. So said RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in yet another BlackBerry outage conference call update.

Lazaridis appeared with co-CEO Jim Balsillie and CTO David Yach. Lazaridis began by apologizing again and then announced, “We have now restored full services.”

RIM’s BlackBerry problem began four days ago when, Lazaridis explained, a “dual redundant, high-capacity core switch designed to protect the service failed.” This set in motion a cascading failure and when a backup switch did not operate as intended, it created a significant mail backup in Europe. The data queue backup also took longer than RIM expected and resulted in a mail backlog that triggered service disruptions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and, eventually, the U.S.

As BlackBerry customers start accessing mail services again (there may still be delays as the company works through the email backlog), RIM continues to investigate the cause of “the largest [failure] we’ve experienced.” Part of that involves talking to the third-party vendors managing the failed switch. Rim’s CEOs refused to name the vendors.”

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