Ofcom report shows UK addicted to smartphones

Ofcom report shows UK addicted to smartphones

Almost half of teenagers in UK own a smartphone (47%), out of which 60% admit they are highly addicted, according to Ofcom’s latest Communication Market Report.

The survey covered 2,073 adults and 521 teenagers. The research shows people in the UK have become addicted to smartphones will people using them even at the dining table and in the bathroom and bedroom.

Over a quarter of adults (27%) now own a smartphone, with 37% admitting they are highly addicted.

Many (59% of those surveyed) got a smartphone in the last year, making many more calls and sending more texts than regular mobile users (81% smartphone users vs 53% regular mobile phone users).

This is affecting social interactions, with teenagers claiming to watch less TV and reading fewer books than before. Over half (51%) of adults and two thirds (65%) of teenagers said they have used their smartphone while socialising with others. This includes mealtimes, while in bed and in the toilet.

“Ofcom’s report shows the influence that communications technology now has on our daily lives, and on the way we behave and communicate with each other,” said James Thickett, director of research, Ofcom.

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