O2 service status: Network is partially restored

O2 service status: Network is partially restored

“02 has confirmed that its 2G network services have finally been restored, while 3G services should be back up and running later today

O2 has confirmed that mobile calls and text messaging services on its 2G network have now been restored, however, problems with 3G continue, leaving thousands of customers unable to make or recieve calls for the second day in a row.

The network provider dispatched a repair team to restore services last night but they failed to patch up the problem, reports say.

However, according to a company representative, 2G customers now have full access to services, while 3G customers will have to wait until later today to be back up and running.

An O2 spokesperson said: “Our 3G service is starting to restore and customers should expect to see a gradual return of data services as the day progresses.

“Customers affected may wish to try switching their mobile phones off and on as service returns.

“We are sorry again for the inconvenience this has caused some customers and can provide reassurance that we continue to deploy all possible resources, and will do so until full service is restored.”

O2 customers first reported problems with making phone calls yesterday, with several taking to Twitter to blow off steam.”

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