New PlayStation security breach: 93,000 accounts hit

New PlayStation security breach: 93,000 accounts hit

“Sony reveals that thousands of accounts were hacked between Friday 7 October and Monday 10 October. Accounts have been frozen, but is this the start of another major problem for the Japanese giant?

Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) services have been hit by hackers. The news comes just months after a major security breach costs Sony millions and led to outrage among gamers.

60,000 PSN and 33,000 SOE accounts were hit between last Friday and this Monday. Sign-in IDs and passwords were used to access these accounts, but Sony says it has since frozen them and is investigating the breach.

Users who are affected will be emailed by Sony and asked to change their log in information as soon as possible. Most importantly, Sony’s official blog post on the issue says that credit card details have not been touched.

The hack represents just 0.1 per cent of Sony’s global online user base. However, having taken the best part of a week to own up to problems last time, it’s no surprise that it’s looking to get in front of this story as quickly as possible.”

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