New Apple iPad 3: 10 Things you need to know

New Apple iPad 3: 10 Things you need to know

“New iPad specs, UK price, release date and more on the third generation Apple tablet that has some tasty new features to shout about

Referring to its revolutionary device as the ‘poster child of the post-PC world’ the third generation Apple tablet or the new iPad to give its official name was unveiled by Tim Cook with some of the features that had long been rumoured and few more that may have took some by surprise.

The question is, is there enough to convince iPad 2 users that it’s worth the upgrade? We’ve picked out ten things that really matter about the new iPad and why it might be worth opening the wallet for. Ready to read why this may well be your next tech purchase? Off we go…

1. Retina Display and a (slightly) new form factor

2. iOS 5.1

3. Voice dictation

4. iSight camera

5. Quad-core GPU graphics

6. Battery life

7. 1080p Recording

8. iPhoto

9. UK Price

10. UK Release date

A new iPad UK release date is slated for March 16th as many had tipped prior to the announcement which means you will only have to wait a few weeks before getting your hands on one. Get your cash ready people…”

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