Need to Know – Raspberry Pi

Need to Know – Raspberry Pi

“The Raspberry Pi project wants to get people fiddling around with the basic components behind computers again – and it’s proving to be a hit, with stocks selling out within hours of it going on sale. Want to get your geek on with some home-schooling? Here’s what you get for your cash.

Raspberry Pi – programming school
The main Raspberry Pi model is a single-board computer with a 700MHz (ARM based) processor, 256MB of RAM, two USB ports, Ethernet connection, HDMI output and SD card support. Phew. We know. To save some money, you could also hold out for Model A which foregoes the Ethernet connection and one USB port and downgrades to 128MB of RAM.

Raspberry Pi – open source goodness
It’d be no good tinkering around with Mac OS or Windows – you wouldn’t get anywhere – so the Raspberry Pi Foundation chose the open source Linux, stored on an SD card, for the job. Other ideas include using the Raspberry Pi to control your work PC from home via a remote control service or sticking a USB drive in there to get some extra network storage.”

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