Need a Job? Learn Linux

Need a Job? Learn Linux

“The Linux Foundation today posted their first ever Linux Jobs Report, created in conjunction with tech job site The report examines the current demand for Linux talent, and identifies a few interesting trends.

Of the 2,300 survey respondents, eight in ten said that hiring Linux talent is a priority in 2012, and more than half of firms surveyed said that they’re increasing Linux hires relative to jobs created in other skill areas.

To understand what is driving this demand, we asked what has changed in their organizations to prompt this hiring activity. The results paint an optimistic picture about company growth and the use of Linux to support it. Forty-nine percent say their company is growing, which is creating the need for additional Linux-focused team members, while another 48 percent say that they are increasing their use of Linux and need in-house talent to support it. And 30 percent say that Linux has become core to their business and they need to increase participation in the Linux community through new hires.

Of the firms surveyed for the report, 67% indicate that they’re looking for Linux developers, and 55% are looking for Linux system administrators. Most are looking for Linux talent with three to five years of experience.

According to the Linux Jobs Report, Linux professionals are reaping substantial rewards for their expertise. While the industry average salary raise for technology professionals was only 2%, “Linux professionals saw a five percent increase, year-over-year, in their pay.” Additionally, Linux pros are earning larger bonus payouts, too.

While Linux talent may be in demand, finding that talent is presenting no small challenge to companies. According to the report “85 percent say finding Linux talent is somewhat to very difficult, making Linux professionals some of the most sought talent in 2012.””

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