Nano-SIM – 60 percent smaller than the classic model

nano-SIM’s flimsy form factor poised to frustrate fleshy-fingered phone users forever

“Efforts to slim it down have been underway for ages, which is why some smartphones come with a micro-SIM, the easy-to-hold outer rim chopped off to make space for bigger batteries inside your device and to ensure your greasy fingers get all over the metal contacts. Sadly, it’s time to wave goodbye to the idea of operating a smartphone without electron-tweezers, thanks to Giesecke & Devrient’s new nano-SIM. The German fathers of the technology have shrunk the whole operation down to a 12mm x 9mm rectangle that’s a third smaller than the micro-SIM and 60 percent smaller than the classic model: and as if to show off, it’s also 15 percent thinner, too.”

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