Microsoft Will Release Windows 8 On October 26

Microsoft Will Release Windows 8 On October 26

“Smack-dab in the middle of earnings season, Microsoft has officially announced that the long-awaited Windows 8 operating system will be available to upgraders and new PC buyers alike come October 26, 2012. For those of you keeping count, that’s about 14 weeks from now.

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would be available in “late October” which was soon enough to be excited and vague enough to be an understandably unreliable timeline. But Microsoft has set a date, and that date is October 26.

Expect to hear a few friends freak out about a missing Start button around Halloween.

This is a huge turning point for Microsoft. The company is just starting to be cool again, and not even in a retro-vintage kind of way. They are actually getting aggressive with smart acquisitions, Windows Phone is on the road to success, and Windows 8, the mack-daddy of all that effort, is Microsoft’s apology for ever offering up Vista.”

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