Microsoft Reveals Windows Store

Microsoft Reveals Windows Store

“Developer-friendly revenue sharing, new app capabilities unique to Windows 8 and easy compatibility with touch or mouse-and-keyboard devices were among the upcoming Windows Store features that Microsoft touted at a special preview event for developers and media Tuesday evening in San Francisco.

The Windows Store will debut with the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, which will be released in beta in February 2012, company officials said on Tuesday. The full release is believed to be coming in the fall of next year.

The Windows store will be “the most significant development opportunity ever,” Windows Web Services team corporate vice president Antoine Leblond said on Tuesday, and “a really important part of the Windows 8 platform.”

Microsoft’s new app store will compete for developers’ attention with Apple’s App Store, and will offer free trials of programs for Metro-themed programs in addition to the full paid version, company officials confirmed on Tuesday.”

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