Microsoft Nails Down Windows End-Of-Life Dates

Microsoft Nails Down Windows End-Of-Life Dates

“Still using Windows Vista? XP? Why? Well, whatever the reason, Microsoft has clarified some of their end-of-life dates for older versions of Windows, including XP. This is mostly about support on the business side but it could be useful if you’ve got an old machine that’s acting up (or you refuse to upgrade).

Ed Bott found the actual dates in a Japanese Microsoft blog post:

Support end date for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are as follows:

Windows XP 4/8/2014

Windows Vista 4/11/2017

Windows 7 1/14/2020

As he explains, this doesn’t mean you can buy a copy of XP right now for any money but you can get “Mainstream and Extended” support for implementations of the OS. Good to know if you have something mission critical running on an old Compaq.”

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