Microsoft Kinect used to bring interactive theme park to life

Microsoft Kinect used to bring interactive theme park to life

“The world’s first 4D avatar theme park has been brought to life by the inclusion of 3D projectors, holograms and Microsoft’s gaming peripheral Kinect

The league of ingenious uses for Microsoft’s controller-free motion sensing gaming peripheral Kinect just added its latest member with South Korean theme park Live Park using the system to create a number of interactive rides.

Creating what is being touted as the ‘world’s first 4D avatar theme park’ Live Park combines a selection of 3D video and augmented reality environments with Microsoft’s gaming add-on to allow visitors to experience a truly interactive day out.

‘Live Park’ is composed of 65 attractions over 7 thematic stages and uses state of the art 3D video, holograms and augmented reality technology to create a seamless story,” the company said. “Visitors and their avatars move through the theme park’s stages interacting with the attractions using RFID wristbands and Kinect sensors to recognize their gestures, voices and faces.”

Located near Seoul the Live Park took two years to bring to life with the $13 million (£8.29m) theme park featuring a host of experiences that make use of emerging technologies to entertain up to 3,000 visitors at a time.”

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