Microsoft drops Hotmail for Outlook

Microsoft drops Hotmail for Outlook

“Micorsoft is dropping Hotmail, the free webmail service it has used since acquring it in 1998, and replacing it with

The new email offers a cleaner, less obtrusive interface than Hotmail, is fully integrated with both Windows and Office and allows users to access their Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

Microsoft says the new service takes away display ads and large search boxes and will help users avoid junkmail. will also sort messages into different folders, seprating emails from contacts, newsletters, social media and notices. It’s likely more features will be added as the service’s userbase continues to grow.

The Outlook preview is live today and and users can access it at Anyone who wishes to switchto from their Hotmail address simply have to click the ‘upgrade to’ tab in the options menu. The service has reportedly garnered 1 million accounts in just 6 hours – although this could be Hotmail users who have been migrated across to the new system.”

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