Meet Microsoft Surface’s Innovative Keyboard Cases

Meet Microsoft Surface’s Innovative Keyboard Cases

“Microsoft announced Surface, its new Windows tablet, at an event on Monday. To go along with it, the company also announced two covers for the tablet that double as a keyboards for the device.

Much like Apple’s Smart Cover does with the iPad, Touch Cover connects to Surface via magnets on the device’s side. When opened up, the inside of the 3mm cover has a full multi-touch keyboard with trackpad. During its presentation, Microsoft focused on how book-like Surface will feel with the case on.

“Nothing stirs me more than Touch Cover.” Panos Panay, a designer for Microsoft said while showing off the Touch Cover at the event. “This spine feels like a book. You’ll hold it like a book. It will feel like it’s another book when you carry it with books.”

Touch Cover was designed by Steven Bathiche, a Microsoft research director who likes to focus specifically on “creating novel human interfaces and computer form factors,” according to his company bio.

The keyboard cover uses a unique pressure-sensitive technology Microsoft says will allow you to type significantly faster than you can using an on-screen keyboard.

If you’re a fan of traditional keys, Microsoft has another product called Type Cover. The case has a full track pad with clicking buttons, just like those you might be accustomed to on your home computer. Tactile keys take up a bit more space, so the Type Cover ends up being 5mm thick (2mm thicker than the Touch Cover).”

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