Meet Flame, the Nastiest Computer Malware Yet

Meet Flame, the Nastiest Computer Malware Yet

“A nasty and complex malware program known as Flame has been unmasked after four years of cyber-attacks on several countries, according to Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.

The firm — which analyzed the malware over the weekend and revealed it to be the largest and most complex attack toolkit to date — believes that it was commissioned by a country or countries’ government.

“Flame is a covert operation in cyber-space and without a doubt, it’s been commissioned by a nation-state or nation-states,” senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg at Kaspersky Lab told Mashable. “Global governments are investing more and more money in so-called offensive capabilities, and it’s a lot easier and cheaper than traditional espionage and warfare.”

Flame is currently being used for cyber-espionage and it could infect computers to steal data and sensitive information, the company said.

Kaspersky Lab detailed Flame’s “advanced espionage functionality” for intercepting network traffic, taking screenshots and recording audio conversations during a press conference on Monday.

“This is huge and unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s been operating throughout the world for four years,” a Kaspersky Lab specialist said during the broadcasted press conference. “We are still investigating the malware and need more time to confirm findings.”

Flame is a sophisticated attack toolkit, much more complex than previous malware such as Stuxnet and Duqu.”

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