Malware Shuts Down Internet for Many

Malware Shuts Down Internet for Many, But Was It Overhyped?

“Although a nasty piece of malware called DNSChanger was set to kick thousands of Mac and PC users off the Internet on Monday, no major companies experienced issues related to the so-called “Doomsday Virus.”

The FBI shut down domains earlier this morning that had been affected by DNSChanger, which had been circulating the web since as far back as 2007. The malware redirected Internet traffic to sites with paid advertisements where cybercriminals reaped profit from unsuspecting visitors.

Although the FBI urged consumers for months to check if their systems have been affected by DNSChanger, about 275,000 computers were still at risk of not having Internet access on Monday, but no major web disturbances from companies have been found.

But Dan Brown, director of security research at security firm Bit9, believes that it’s still too soon to label the expected Internet shut down as an overblown hype.

“It is too early to label DNSChanger as overblown hype like Y2K,” Brown said in an e-mail statement. “It’s important to keep in mind that many of these infections are side effects of more serious malware infections. Companies should monitor their networks for DNS traffic going to the expected IP addresses and thoroughly investigate or reimage affected systems that they find.”

It is also likely that some of the affected companies won’t report if they have been hit.”

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