LG LSM – 100 Scanner Mouse


LG LSM – 100 Scanner Mouse

Mouse & Scanner all in one

[li]World’s first mouse with an embedded scanner function[/li]
[li]3 buttons + 2 buttons (scan & backward)[/li]
[li]Scan any size up to A3[/li]
[li]Operating system, Windows XP/Vista/7[/li]
[li]High resolution scanner and mouse combination[/li]
[li]One drag of the mouse captures complete documents in seconds[/li]
[li]Intelligent free-hand scanning for documents up to A3 size[/li]
[li]300dpi resolution[/li]
[li]Text recognition (OCR) converts printed text into
Word documents and tables in to Excel format[/li]
[li]Mouse controls – 5 buttons with scroll wheel[/li]
[li]HID compliant[/li]
[li]1200dpi resolution mouse[/li]


£90.00 (ex VAT)

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