iOS 6: Everything You Need to Know

iOS 6: Everything You Need to Know

“If you were looking for new mobile features, then iOS 6, which Apple unveiled on Monday at WWDC, does not disappoint.

At WWDC 2012, Scott Forstall took the stage to unveil iOS 6 to developers. iOS 6 features more than 200 updates and improvements when compared to iOS 5. iOS 5 already boasts more than 80% adoption rate across devices and Apple boasted figures about iMessage, Twitter stats, Game Center and push notifications.

So what’s new in iOS 6?


Facebook Integration

New Phone App Enhancements

FaceTime Over Cellular






When Can I Get It?

Developers will have access to the first beta on iOS 6 later this afternoon. Customers can expect to see iOS 6 on their devices in the fall.

It will support the iPhone 3GS and later, the second and third generation iPads and the fourth generation iPod touch.

All-in-all, this looks like a fantastic release!”

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