Invisible glass may solve screen reflection problems

Invisible glass may solve screen reflection problems

“Believe it or not, there is a sheet of glass present on the right in this image

When it comes time to purchase a new laptop or display for your computer, the question always arises of whether to purchase one with a matte or glossy display. The glossy, glass displays are meant to look brighter and crisper, but they also can act like a mirror because of the reflection caused by the glass.

The days of dealing with a very reflective glass panel may soon be behind us, though. Nippon Electric Glass has used the FPD International 2011 conference in Japan this week to show off its new “invisible glass” panel.

What NEG has done is added an anti-reflection film to both the front and back of the glass that are only nanometers thick. By doing this luminance reflectance is only diminished by 0.1% over a more typical sheet of glass. But the real benefit comes in how much reflections are reduced.

Look at a typical sheet of glass and you will see about 8% of the light reflected off of it. With NEG’s anti-reflection film in place, that is reduced to just 0.5%. However, one question that this anti-reflection technique does raise is how well it would work as a computer display? Would the anti-reflection film cause issues for the light emitted by the display making it through the glass, or would it actually help and make the output even crisper?”

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