Intel and IBM Reveal the Future of Computer Chips

Intel and IBM Reveal the Future of Computer Chips

“The past 24 hours have seen two of the biggest names in technology reveal the future of computer chips — intentionally or otherwise.

A leaked document from Intel shows the company setting the bar for the next generation of processors, which should start to roll out early next year. Meanwhile, IBM has laid out its long view of processing technology, beginning to chart the undiscovered country of what comes after silicon becomes obsolete. The company has demonstrated some of these emerging techs, which often outperform their silicon equivalents and can be built using similar production techniques.

The Coming of Ivy
In a leaked document reported by X-Bit Labs, Intel reveals its product road map for Ivy Bridge, the next wave of computer chips that will soon be in PCs and Macs. Ivy Bridge is the company’s push into the 22-nanometer range of microprocessors. The smaller chips get, the greater their processing frequencies.

Ivy Bridge means machines with nearly 4GHz of processing power, according to the document. Intel’s top-of-the-line Core i7 processor will boast 3.9GHz in a quad-core design, meaning that separate parts of the chip can work independently up to that speed. This is useful in software, such as games, that can have multiple operations at once. The lowest-end chip, a Core i5 design, will still be a quad-core running at 2.7GHz, still fairly speedy by today’s standards.”

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