Google to release HUD-style Augmented Reality glasses?

Google to release HUD-style Augmented Reality glasses?

“Google have apparently been working on their own set of Google ‘goggles’ or glasses which will feature a Heads Up Display and would utilise Augmented Reality to show you a ‘Googled’ view of the world around you.

According to 9to5 Google the glasses will be independently powered as well, with the specs of a slightly older generation Android smartphone, which would of course be more than adequate as it would only be performing one task.

By using what could possibly be a transparent OLED or LCD the glasses will then show you items of interest, navigational signals to help you get to a destination and also any live information such as weather etc.

The website, which claims to have seen a prototype of the Google glasses has also stated that the pair they saw had a camera built-in and flash allowing them to take fairly low-res images”

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