Google Earth 6.2 Upgrade is a Massive Improvement

Google Earth 6.2 Upgrade is a Massive Improvement

“You’ll be amazed at what Google has just done with Google Earth. Overnight, the earth-mapping application was upgraded to Google Earth 6.2, with vastly improved imagery that changes the choppy patchwork quilt of past versions into a smooth globe that rivals the most detailed satellite shots.

Beyond the realistic-looking map imagery, Google Earth 6.2 includes a new way to search the globe for locations and landmarks, and it’s added sharing features that let you share images you found on Google Earth onto Google+. This update is further evidence of Google’s intention to integrate all of its products with Google+.

Google Earth 6.2 features a new way of rendering all those mosaic pics of satellite and aerial photographs, smoothing out the borders between them so the globe looks even more like our beautiful blue planet.

That smooth beauty is not just visible from a distance, either — as you zoom in, the seamless look continues, all the way down to the closest views.

It’s not just version 6.2 that’s received this welcome new technology — the difference is in the data underneath this magnificent map. Google says in a blog post that this seamless look is available on all versions of Google Earth, but “the 6.2 release provides the best viewing experience for this new data.”

The improvement is now available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Earth.”

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