Google Chrome now second most popular UK browser


Google Chrome now second most popular UK browser

“Thanks to super-fast browsing and those nifty TV adverts Chrome is chasing Internet Explorer

Google Chrome has beaten the competition to become the second most popular internet browser in the UK, second only to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

According to web metrics firm Statcounter the browser captured 22 per cent of users in the UK, beating Firefox in third place and truly trumping Safari with it’s 9 per cent share in the UK user base.

With the browser catching up fast, Microsoft will surely be looking to find new ways at making their browser more appealing because while still in the top spot, this is in part down to the fact that Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on almost all the computers sold in this country.

Boasting super-quick browsing and a minimal footprint on your hard drive Chrome is the first product by Google to be advertised on British TV, showing off a querky but interesting take on how a browser operates.”

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