GhostRider encryption device

ITT unveils GhostRider encryption device capable of securing US Army smartphones

“That may look like a Motorola Atrix, but it’s actually something known as the GhostRider — a new encryption device that could go a long way toward securing the Army’s smartphones. Developed by defense company ITT, this revamped handset would allow military personnel to transmit secure text messages and phone calls over the Army’s network, even if they’re out on the battlefield. All they’d have to do is place their personal phones next to the GhostRider, tap and hold its touchscreen to activate the security features and begin texting away. When another GhostRider user receives an SMS, he or she would have to enter a pass code before reading it. The phone’s security mechanisms, meanwhile, have been certified by the cryptographers at the NSA, which would certainly help justify its $1,500 price tag. ”

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