Everything You Can Ask Cortana to Do in Windows 10


Everything You Can Ask Cortana to Do in Windows 10

“Cortana is easily one of the coolest new features of Windows 10. You’re probably already familiar with personal assistants like Google Now and Siri, but now you have one built right into your desktop! Here’s how to get information, manage your schedule, and even run a few Google commands.

There are two ways to use Cortana: you can use voice commands, or you can type out your commands in the Start Menu. If you choose the former, you may want to enable the “Hey Cortana” feature. With this on, you can say “Hey Cortana” out loud to trigger voice commands without pressing a button. Here’s how:

(1) Search for “Cortana settings” in your Start Menu.
(2) Enable the toggle under “Hey Cortana.”
(3)(Optional) Under “Respond best”, you can choose “to me” to tailor Cortana to your voice. You’ll need to perform a couple quick exercises to teach Cortana your voice. Otherwise, Cortana will work for anyone.

While Cortana works with voice commands, they’re not strictly necessary. All of the commands we’ll list here can be typed in as well. Of course, typing whole sentences is pretty inefficient. Fortunately, Cortana’s also pretty good at figuring out what you mean, so you can be a little flexible with the phrasing. For example “What’s on my schedule today?” “What do I have going on today?” and “my schedule today” all perform the same function, so try out different variations and see what works for you! ”

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