Disconnect a mailbox from Exchange

For whatever reason, you want to disconnect a mailbox from Exchange. Remove the mailbox and suddenly the user is deleted! Be wary of new tools without reading the f-i-ne manual first.

Thanks Microsoft, only from Redmond could disable mean disconnect and remove mean completely remove not just the user’s mailbox but the user too. Thanks for sysinternals adrestore and reconnect the deleted user.

From the article:
“In Exchange 2003, if you needed to disconnect a mailbox from a recipient object you would delete the mailbox in Exchange System Manager. It would not be deleted permanently until the deleted mailbox retention period for the mailbox store had been reached (30 days by default).

This is different in Exchange 2007, because the Exchange management tools have been re-designed to administer Exchange objects in AD directly. Now when you remove a mailbox, you are removing the recipient object from Active Directory and marking its mailbox for deletion.”

Read the full article: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2008/09/21/the-difference-between-disabling-and-removing-a-mailbox-in-exchange-2007.aspx