DigiNotar SSL certificate hack amounts to cyberwar, says expert

DigiNotar SSL certificate hack amounts to cyberwar, says expert

Make sure everyone updates windows updates/mac updates to get new correct certificates…

“The Dutch government says hackers who broke into a web security firm in the Netherlands last month issued hundreds of bogus security certificates that could be used on websites including the CIA and Israel’s Mossad, as well as internet giants such as Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

More than 500 fake certificates, including some which could be used to send fake Windows updates to computers, and others which could be used when connecting to the CIA’s site, were fraudulently issued in the hack, which occurred in July.

The Dutch government took the exceptional step of calling a press conference at 1.15am on Saturday morning to announce that it was revoking all trust in digital certificates issued by DigiNotar, which until then had been used for all online tax returns filed in the Netherlands.

The government said that browser companies are now rejecting all security certificates issued by the hacked firm. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome will all reject certificates from the company. Apple systems require a manual update. Apple has not made any statement on whether it will revoke DigiNotar certificates.”

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