Bespoke Arcade Cabinets with MAME Emulator

Bespoke Arcade Cabinets with MAME Emulator

Bespoke Arcades is the premier arcade manufacturer and offers a highly exclusive range of the best arcade machines known to man. All Bespoke Arcades machines are designed with quality and reliability in mind whilst being custom-built to client’s exact specifications at their workshop in the UK.

Bespoke Arcades has been designing and manufacturing arcade machines since 2005, their arcade machines fit into any setting whilst giving you the the opportunity to relive all those great years of arcade gaming with the luxury of your very own high-quality arcade machine. These cabinets are not just the traditional coin-op arcade machines of the past, all of the Bespoke Arcades range are multi-game arcade machines preloaded with over 350 of the best retro arcade games which can also be made to run 1000’s of extra games once home.

There are 3 top products in the current range: the Apex, the Synergy and the Evo arcade cabinets. The Apex is a versatile upright retro-gaming centre and perhaps the most worthwhile purchase you could make. The Synergy is a discrete and fully functional cocktail arcade machine. The Evo is the grandmaster of any gamesroom featuring cutting edge technology. The large 28″ HD screen is coupled with the ability to have X-Box 360 and PS3 compatibility, allowing you to enjoy a combination of your favourite retro arcade games alongside all the latest games titles.

All the arcades come in 3 different formats which are designed to cater to the specific needs and budget of every individual client. The Play series is for those that just want to play games, the Media allows for a range of great multimedia functions and the Elite’s for those that will only settle for the best. All Bespoke Arcade machines can be bought directly from their own Page Global Store and are also available for purchase at some of the most prestigious UK shops including Harrods in Knightsbridge.”

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