Average UK broadband speed hits 12Mbps


The need for double-digit speed: Average UK broadband speed hits 12Mbps

“Ofcom, the UK regulatory body for the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, has announced that the average British broadband speeds have hit double-digits for the first time ever.

According to Ofcom, the average residential UK broadband speeds reached 12.0Mbps in November 2012. This represents a rise of around 34% on the previous six months, with a figure of 9Mbps previously touted in the wake of ISP network upgrades. Ofcom says that factors such as video-streaming and the increase in the number of ‘connected’ devices in homes is driving this need for speed.

Indeed, it seems that this recent increase is in part due to consumers switching to so-called ‘superfast’ Internet services, and looking back at the previous four years it’s clear to see that – on the whole – users’ averages speeds have risen considerably. Looking at the same period in 2008, the average speed for home broadband users was 3.6Mbps, a figure that pretty much doubled every two years.”

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