Atomic memory

“I’m lost already…
There there, it’s been a long week so we’ll try to keep it simple. IBM researchers have proven their worth by sussing out how to store one bit of data on just 12 atoms, changing the future of memory as we know it.

Should I be impressed?
Current hard drives use 12 million atoms to store one bit of data, so yes – you should be. This insane level of miniaturisation means that you’ll be able store mind-boggling amounts of stuff in very small spaces. You could practically download the whole internet on your laptop. Maybe.

Ok, that’s impressive. When will it hit shelves?
Currently the tech operates at -268 degrees to achieve the 12 atom figure. For stability at room temperature, one bit’s worth of storage jumps up to 150 atoms – which in all honesty is still very impressive. Either way, 1TB smartphones are on the way – so just be patient…”

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