Apple reveals all-time record for iPhone/iPad sales

Apple reveals all-time record for iPhone/iPad sales

“According to Apple, Tim Cook’s first quarter in charge of the company was their best quarter ever, hitting an all-time record of iPhone sales, which saw 37.04 million handsets snapped up by shoppers – up 128 per cent on the corresponding period last year.

iPad sales were equally impressive – up 111 per cent to 15.43 million – while Mac figures showed sales were up 26 per cent on last year, earning Apple 5.2 million.

iPod’s let the side down, however, as it was revealed sales had slipped 21 per cent year-on-year. Considering sales totalled 15.4 million and Apple owns more than 70 per cent of the MP3 player market, we don’t think the company has taken too much of a hit.

Finally, Apple announced it is now sitting on a US$97 billion cash pile and while a specific plan wasn’t outlined, Apple’s senior vice president and Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer said “we are not going to let the money burn a hole in our pocket. “What we focus on is making the best product,” added Cook. “We just want to stay ahead.

With the iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Apple’s iTV all on schedule for a 2012 release, we can’t wait to see what Apple pulls out of the bag this year.”

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