4G in the UK: Why you will want superfast mobile internet

4G in the UK: Why you will want superfast mobile internet

“4G in the UK is just weeks away from landing, but what’s the big deal? We reveal the benefits of stepping into the next gen mobile internet realms

It’s official as Everything Everywhere now re-branded as EE announced it will be bringing the next generation mobile internet service to the UK which will be available across the nation for 16 cities including London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham before Christmas time this year.

As EE jumps ahead of the queue to become the first to roll out LTE 4G before the likes of Vodafone and O2, you may be asking the question right now: ‘Why should I care about 4G?’ If you are sceptical about the benefits of living a post-3G life, here’s five reasons why the fourth generation of wireless will make the difference to using tablets and smartphones on the move.

The need for more speed
Now 3G connections are by no means sluggish, but with the promise of speedier mobile data transmissions – theoretically up to 1Gbps you can expect to download videos, high definition movies, pictures, music and other media five times quicker than 3G connections are currently capable of.”

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