4G comes to the UK, courtesy of Everything Everywhere

4G comes to the UK, courtesy of Everything Everywhere

“It’s no secret: the UK has phone envy. While superphones in the US are happily toting 4G skills – consider the Nokia 900 we saw at CES, or the HTC One X we’re expecting to see unveiled at MWC 2012 – superfast over-the-air data is where it’s at.

Happily, it seems the UK is finally ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its American brethren’s mobile browsing capacity with 4G confirmed to be coming to the UK in 2012.

Stuff’s sources at Everything Everywhere – formerly Orange and T-Mobile – tell us 4G will be in the UK before the year is out. And while it’ll be “small scale” to begin with, the network is investing £1.5bn in 4G infrastructure over the next three years.

To begin with, Everything Everywhere says the UK’s 4G early adopters will have to stand in range of a relatively small selection of its 20,000 3G-enabled masts, but the rest will be boosted to HSPA+ (3.5G) speeds by summer.

The network says its UK 4G plans are subject to the usual rubber stamping – so don’t count your mobile broadband chickens just yet – but with Britain itching to get its hands wrapped around the glut of imminent 4G tech due to be unveiled in the coming week, we’d be amazed if other networks didn’t decide to follow suit imminently.”

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