10 things Linux did for us

10 things Linux did for us

“1. 150 million Android devices that have been activated to date? All running on an OS built on the Linux operating system kernel.

2. At the last count, nine out of 10 Hollywood animation studios ran on Linux servers.

3. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and eBay are all built on open source architecture.

4. A whopping 413 out of the top 500 supercomputers on the planet run Linux.

5. Another Unix-based OS is taking the world by storm: Mac OS X.

6. Linux is the original open-source.

7. Asus’ Eee PC range of tiny laptops, running on the Xandros distribution of Linux, kickstarted the netbook trend back in 2007.

8. Most of the smartness in Smart TV offerings from the electronics giants, like connecting to the internet and running apps or add-ons, is originally based on Linux, Unix or similar open-source platforms.

9. It’s still possible to transform your PS3 into a PC by installing Linux on the console.

10. Until last summer, Dell was selling a fair few PCs and laptops running the Ubuntu version of Linux.”

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